Foster Dogs
Get Paid

You do NOT PAY for anything

Food, vet, and toys are paid for by rescues because they are over crowded and they need your help to provide short term care.

You get to experience having a dog

There is no long-term commitment. Rescues usually find homes for most dogs quickly.

You can get up to $10/day

Help save one or many dogs and get paid up to $10 per dog daily.

PLUS, fostering a dog


Yes, you can make up to $10 per day per dog. Yes, you can have multiple dogs. Pets provide their caregivers with comfort, love, and humor, all with health benefits. In addition, pets demand their owners stay active by requiring walks, attention, playtime, baths, and overall care.

Do you have kids?

Studies have shown that pets are similarly beneficial for children, if the right precautions are taken. When a child has a good relationship with their pet, the animal will encourage:


You will get paid up to $10 per dog daily for your help. We also provide food, vet, toys, and bedding.

It depends on your location. Join our waitlist and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

It depends on your location. It could be as quick a few days to a few months.

We can arrange a re-homing process with you and the new foster. 

Sometimes, based on availability and your location.

Basically, as many as you can handle without putting your health or the dogs in danger.